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Canadian Hemlock: The Versatile Evergreen

One of the only evergreens that tolerates both full sun and full shade, the Canadian hemlock is among the most popular evergreens sold through our tree nursery. When planted closely together, Canadian hemlock make a great hedge or privacy screen because of their dense foliage and clean appearance. If grown as a tree the pyramidal form grows in a cascading form all the way to the ground. Whichever way you grow your Canadian hemlock, it is sure to attract wildlife and add character to your yard.

Here are a few things to note if you’re considering adding a Canadian hemlock to your yard.

Environmental Conditions:

  • Grows well in acidic, loamy, moist, sandy and well drained soils (hardiness zones 3-8)
  • Slow to medium growing tree, growing one to two feet a year and reaching 40-70 feet at maturity
  • Does well in various sun exposures including full sun and partial shade

Physical Attributes:

  • Has a natural pyramidal form, but can be easily sheared into any shape
  • Has small, soft, feathery needles
  • Has a cinnamon-red bark

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