Amazing Trees

Favorite Tree Friday: The Eastern Redbud

Without a doubt my most favorite tree is the Redbud, known for its delicate pink flowers in the spring and its heart-shaped leaves. Interestingly enough, I’ve had a Redbud tree in the landscape of every home where I have lived since childhood. I remember helping plant a Redbud in my parent’s front yard and it seems nearly every picture in the family photo album was taken by that same Redbud tree.

My husband and I have moved several times and the one tree that has always been included in our landscape plans has been a Redbud tree because of its symbolic heart-shaped leaves and its springtime blossoms. But the sweetest part of this reflection is each Redbud was a gift that was given to me by my husband and children for Mother’s Day and I have since learned that my father had done the same for my mother. I now better understand why my mother cherished her Redbud tree as much as I have mine. They serve as a beautiful reminder of the gift of family and the love and memories shared through the years. So the next time you see a Redbud tree, take notice of the heart-shaped leaves.