Amazing Trees

Spring Shipping Starts Today

Welcome to the first day of spring! Sure, the calendar will disagree, your local weatherman may put up a fuss, and the frost on your windshield might tell a different story. Yet, we can’t help feeling something special in the air as we pull the first seedlings out of the ground and prepare them to go to members all over the country. It’s a ritual we’ve held for decades, and it never loses its luster.

Maybe it’s not just about the trees. Maybe it’s about the people who plant them. Our members inspire us every day with pictures and stories of the trees they’ve planted and nurtured. Your trees are shading homes in Kentucky. They’re saving energy in Illinois. They’re attracting wildlife in Oklahoma, and protecting homes in Montana from the cold winter winds. We can’t help but feel motivated as the next generation of seedlings make their way to you. When we think about the local parks that will be greener, the streams that will flow clearer, and the children that will laugh and play under the branches of the trees you will plant this spring, we get a little excited. We hope you do, too.

Trees are shipping to warmer zones starting today, and they’ll arrive on doorsteps at the right time for planting where you live. Be sure to plug your zip code into our shipping schedule so you can find out when your trees will ship this spring.

Here are some categories to get you started choosing the right trees to plant in your yard.